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Glitter Me Beauty Bar Training

PMU Shadow Virtual Day

PMU Shadow Virtual Day

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Are you interested in perfecting your PMU skills and learning from an expert? Our PMU Shadow Virtual Day is the perfect opportunity for you! Spend a full day observing our master trainer, Samantha, as she works through her daily routine. You'll get to witness her techniques, tips and tricks, as well as her start-to-finish pre-draw mapping and demo procedures for both brows and lip blush.

Everyone’s pace is different when it comes to working as a Permanent Makeup Artist. From experience, finding a mentor who will help guide you through your journey will only benefit your experience and improve your skill.

This SHADOWING course is designed for certified artist looking to bring confidence to their work. You must have completed a training course and show proof of certification to be eligible to proceed.

But that's not all - we also provide valuable insights into the business side of the PMU world, including a list of preferred inventory and supply links, a 101 Digital Business Planner/Road Map, and a building clientele guide. Plus, you'll have a 1 on 1 Zoom meeting with Samantha within 90 days of the webinar, as well as 30 days access to the playback if you miss the live session.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn and grow as a PMU artist!

Shadowing includes:

- A FULL DAY to observe Samantha while she works through her routined schedule

- Artist tips & tricks

- Start to finish pre draw mapping

- Demo brow and lip blush procedures

- A look into the business aspects: PMU world

- List of preferred inventory and supply links

-101 Digital Business Planner/Road Map

- Building clientele guide

-1 on 1 Zoom meeting within 90 days of webinar

-30 days access to the play back in you miss it Live

You will have a full look into an experienced world of Permanent Makeup to help prepare you and be ready to take on your own clientele. Any and all questions are ACCEPTED. You will have access to record any notes/ pictures and videos during your shadowing session. Any specifics you are looking to learn? Please don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your customized shadowing course.

5 days before the webinar you will receive the link to the webinar for access. The day of the webinar you will receive the 101 Digital Business Planner, Building clientele guide, and a link to schedule you're 1 on 1 zoom call. 


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